Homepage Concept

29th November MMXIII


Thanks very much for approving the brief. We used the ideas we discussed in the design meeting and brief as a starting point and designed a clear, contemporary homepage. It features edgy, ultra-modern branding but with the gravitas of a big brand.

But first, we'd like to take you through the design process so you can see how we arrived at the finished concept.

Mood Board

We took inspiration from a range of sources, as well as your mockups, to create a mood-board. We then collated the visual references to aid us throughout the design process.

Colour Palette

We discussed tweaking about your brand orange in the design meeting, so we've made it a little more punchy for screen use. We've also added a slight cool tone to the grey for a contemporary feel that compliments the orange.

Brand Development

The main thing we felt that could be developed in your current logo was the typography.

We've replaced it with Alternate Gothic No.3 for a bolder, more confident feel. Alternate Gothic is a timeless classic that we feel will better appeal to your higher-end restaurant brands.

The Homepage Concept

In the end, we felt that a single page layout would really suit the user journey we established, and also give the website a really modern edge.

Bold use of imagery and typography has been used to create visceral, attention-grabbing impact. While whitespace, grid-harmony, and the use of alternating photographic and plain sections gives the design space, hierarchy and room to breathe. Typography is refined and clear. Stock imagery has been used to add visual interest.

We've future proofed the website by making the content easy-to-edit, and the layout is flexible enough to add new sections easily in the future. The news and case studies sit outside of this main layout in order to keep it tidy and clear.

We've suggested a team shot in the Our Story section, which we'd like to replace with a photo of you both. Just let us know if you can stop and we'll take the shot.

Please bear in mind that this is a graphical concept of a responsive site, and so this version may not scale perfectly to the width screen.

Responsive Ready

The design will be fully-responsive, and will automatically adapt for a great viewing experience a wide range of devices.

We love it. We hope you do too.

Now we’ve introduced you to our vision of the new Navitas online experience, we’d love to hear what you think. We’re ready to take you through the next steps...