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The world is changing. Mobile internet will overtake desktop usage by 2015. We are still at the beginning of the cycle.  – Morgan Stanley

Or has it already changed? 12.59% of internet traffic was via a mobile device in the UK in the last 12 months.

Mobile users have different needs to those of a desktop user. Obviously the viewing area is massively different but it doesn't end there. Your mobile users will often beon the move, and browsing your site for a different purpose to your desktop visitors.

The visual hierarchy and user journey are entirely different for the two user groups with their very different needs. As with all contact during the sales cycle, take a wrong step and you could end the process and lose the client to a competitor.

What do your mobile users need?

In our experience, your mobile customers and clients will use your mobile website to:

The great news is that we can help with a mobile site, a mobile app, or both, specifically designed around the user journey of the mobile user and not simply a different screen resolution of your desktop site.

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