...it’s always an honour to work with such an esteemed institution, and the Harvey Ingram team’s input and feedback enabled us to deliver an industry-leading website...

Harvey Ingram are well known as a pre-eminent UK law institution and it was a privilege to be approached by them to deliver a new site, focusing on online debt recovery and tenant eviction services. We wrapped up our initial design meeting at Harvey Ingram’s Leicester’s headquarters with a clear sense of where to take the new site thanks to fruitful discussion and careful planning. We discussed the goals of the site, the journeys users should take and the general look-and-feel.

Taking all this on board, we designed a fresh and friendly site for Harvey Ingram taking cues from other contemporary financial services sites such as Compare The Market and Money Supermarket. We used bright colour coding and chunky buttons to efficiently guide users around the site. One of the biggest challenges was to visually simplify the large forms that a client must fill out when buying from the site. After some great suggestions from Matt at Harvey Ingram, our solution was an animated ‘accordion’ system that collapses sets of form fields until they’re required, vastly reducing on-screen clutter.

We can’t emphasise enough the need to treat your company’s website as a constantly-improving work-in-progress, and Harvey Ingram's team are always generating new ideas for updates and extra functionality for their site.

Project type
Bespoke data collection site
  • CSS
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Key features

  • Harvey Ingram Online

    Clear details on complex issues

  • Harvey Ingram Online

    Simplified long,complex forms

  • Harvey Ingram Online

    Actively used blog

What made it so successful

Simplifying potentially daunting form filling

There's a lot of information that the site needs to gather from a client, but we didn't want to throw a huge page full of forms at them and scare them away.

Instead, we've broken the process into discrete headings and then hidden the subsequent forms until the user is ready to enter that data.

This keeps them focused on the task at hand, while still enabling them to know where they are in the overall process, and know if they've nearly given all the required information.

Highly used blog

Harvey Ingram really understand the use of blogging regularly, and blogging well.

They are constantly creating useful, interesting content on the blog that we delivered for them.

This not only helps establish them as experts in their field, but is great for their search engine rankings as it creates content others will want to link to, and contains keyword rich content for the search engines to understand more about the site overall.