Social Media

Talk, and be talked-about.

Our social media team exploits the latest techniques and emerging platforms to put your name on the lips and fingertips of consumers and the people and organisations which influence them.

This can be a leap into the unknown for many businesses and the people who run them. But it is second nature to emerging consumers and those customers already fluent in new media.

Online PR has increased in value, reach and importance. How you are talked about, among whom and with what effect can all be influenced by actively marketing your people, message, and unique selling points. In short, your brand.

And every Tweet, Like and mention will be made to effortlessly work for your wider online marketing and to promote the prominence of your web site.

You'll need your hand holding, at least at first, and we are here to do just that.

From quick social start-up to more advanced brand sentiment monitoring and online reputation management, we will help you generate followers and engage with your peers.

Encourage Facebook to put you in the picture, make Twitter talk you up. Let Eazytiger make it easy for you!

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. Delivered directly to your target audiences' Inbox, Email Newsletters ensure your message gets to those who matter. Eazytiger are able to design, plan and administer all aspects of your Email Newsletter marketing campaign.


Blogging is simply the process of regularly publishing articles on your website in a format similar to a journal or diary. Keeping a blog gives your website a more human face and provides an outlet to keep visitors informed of the latest developments, making it a valuable marketing tool. More importantly, when regularly updated a blog provides a reason for visitors to return to your website.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing utilises Email Newsletters, Flash Games and other tools to deliver a marketing campaign that is perpetuated by your target audience. The Internet marketing Nottingham team create sophisticated Viral Marketing campaigns with memorable content that your audience will talk about and pass on to others.

Reporting & Analytics

We can provide a suite of tools that can be used to monitor and record user trends on your website. Eazytiger will analyse and report on these trends and advise on the appropriate course of action.

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